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Connecting to Your Scanner

In order to submit scans to our AORTA Laboratory, here's the step-by-step instructions to guide you on how to do it.

lab registration.png

Lab Registration QR Code

submit order.png

Submit Order QR Code

Register Clinic Details

Go to or scan the QR code given to register your clinic to our laboratory for ease of delivery and other transactions.


Connect Scanner

Search for and connect to ‘AORTA Laboratory’ or ‘AORTA Australia’ in your intraoral scanners or email us on for further assistance.

We all accept scans from:


Click on the links provided above to learn how to connect your scanner to the lab.


Submit Scans Online

Go to or scan the QR code given to confirm your lab work scan and ordering your case online.

Ensure you include any relevant notes and clear photographs.

Have other scanners?

We also accept scans from other intraoral scanners!

Click the button below to email us on this matter.

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