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Innovative Aligner Solutions

AORTA's Laboratory is Australian-owned & operated dental laboratory, located in Melbourne. All products are hand-crafted by qualified dental technicians. We offer extended business hours & fast turnaround times for all products.

We also offer in-house aligner solutions, unique materials to our lab products, and also DentalMonitoring packages to boost compliance to your case patients.


In-House Aligners / DIY Aligners

White labelled under your practice brand, our DIY aligners are a great alternative to achieve anterior correction with clear aligners.

Suitable for up to 10 anterior teeth movements and moderate rotations. Receive a digital diagnostic and treatment simulation. Includes IPR and attachment guide/ chart if required.

Available in Express (10 sets) or; Platinum (10 sets + 1 Refinement of 10).

Packed in custom labelled satchell and box


Active Retainers / Retainers

Available per arch, maximum 3 aligners.

Maximum of 6° of rotation & root tipping; 0.6° translation & extrusion.

Ideal for minor relapse cases, or for the finishing stages of treatments.

Premium retainers in a single arch, a pair, or as a pack of 3.

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Lingual Wires and Splints

Created from digital scans for greater accuracy and improved fit.

Milled or 3D Printed

Night Guards or post-restorative protective splints. Milled - Hard, or 3D printed - Hard/Soft.

Features and Benefits


Zendura Plastics

All of our retainer or aligner products are made with premium Zendura thermoforming material which boasts greater durability and resistance to staining and oral deformation.

We use Zendura 0.76mm by default; 1mm and Zendura Flex available on request.


Powered by AORTA

We've continuously conduct our own data analyses of past cases to improve movement and rotation predictability, resulting in improved clinical outcomes with our active retainer and DIY aligner products.

Try our white-labelled in-house aligner service!



Remote monitoring technology which assists in detecting and alerting you to any oral heath or treatment anomalies, including ill-fitting or damaged appliances. AORTA is a DSO provider of DentalMonitoring and are able to offer our members exclusive offers on on-boarding and training; as well as optimised protocols and messaging, small order consumables, training, and monitoring concierge services.

Monitor patient compliance with 


We handle everything!
AORTA Lab handles everything from induction, custom algorithms, and tailored patient management to tailored on your practice behalf.

How does it work?
Your patients use the app to take intraoral selfies with their smartphone, at the interval you set. Photos are then automatically sorted, cropped, organized by date and angulation, which is then accessed by our lab team and assessed.

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