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Digital Services: Virtual Interdisciplinary Smile Simulator (3D)

Virtual Interdisciplinary Smile Simulator (VISS) is a 3D tool that can simulate post-clear aligner restorative solutions and demonstrate a predictive end result to the patient.

It can be used with any ortho aligner system. It is useful as an emotional marketing tool to improve case acceptance, as well as a guideline for the clinician during the restorative process.


Informed Visual Consent

Virtual Interdisciplinary Smile Simulator helps clinicians plan and enables patients to better engage with their treatment. VISS enables patients to create and see their smile digitally, before trialling their smile in-chair with our VISS Stent. These digital smiles are created by our lab technicians here in Melbourne - helping patients to visualise their realistic smiles, build an emotional connection to their treatment and provide informed visual consent. In this way, our Simulations are able to be shared quickly to your patients for feedback and changes - even before the mock-up process!


3D Simulation & 3D Diagnostic


Example Prep Guide


Example Stent / Provisional

How to Order a VISS

Here is a step-by-step instructions guide on how to send scans and order a VISS, exclusive to AORTA Laboratory. 

submit order.png

Submit Order QR Code

Send Your Scans to Us!

Search for and connect to ‘AORTA Laboratory’ or ‘AORTA Australia’ in your intraoral scanners or email us on for further assistance.

Visit for further instructions on how to connect your intraoral scanners to our laboratory.


Upload Prescription & Photos

Submit your VISS Prescription Online! Include notes, clear orthodontic photographs & your patient's goals / wants.

Go to or scan the QR code given to confirm your lab work scan and ordering your case online.​


VISS Magic

Wait while your simulation is prepared by our technicians.


Your simulation link will be emailed to you / your practice when it is ready.


Show Your Patient

Show your patient their interactive, 3D smile simulation.


If your patient is happy, simply approve your simulation and proceed to order your VISS Stent.


(includes Prep Guide + Provisional)

VISS Example Cases & 3D Simulations

1. VISS - Planning Invisalign & Veneers


2. VISS - Planning Invisalign & Bridge


3. VISS - Veneer Prep

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